Panty Empire 90 Day Plan

Panty Empire 90 Day Plan

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Panty Empire 90 Day Plan

That’s right, me and you for 90 days of walking you step-by-step on your journey to becoming a global pantypreneur – yes, it’s a thing!

This is hands down the best ‘how to’ guide on how to sell used underwear online. 

In the Panty Empire 90 Day Plan we lay it all out, warts and all (note to self: don’t reference warts when talking about panty sales) everything you have to do and in what order.

No stone is left unturned.

Take a look to see what’s inside…

This is the culmination of my years and experience panty selling combined with helping thousands and thousands of women sell panties online.

I’ve got the skills and the know-how and what’s more, I know how to teach.

There’s nothing like this online for beginners and you’ll learn all there is to know (and stuff nobody else can teach you) in this training.

This training is so cool because I give you the actual tips and strategies that I use in my own business and with my seller clients.

We get clear on what you need to do, what you want to do and how to align that with what people want to buy from you. All laid out in order for you to know what to do and when!

What’s included?

I’ve created step-by-step 90 day action plan to turn you into a money-earning pantypreneur, with clearly outlined ‘to-dos’ for each week so that you can see how doable it is to implement this and actually get $$ in the bank in 90 days or less (probably much less).

You’ll receive my best information on how to package and sell what’s unique about you with the bonus branding and niche guide included!

I’ll share with you some of my best strategies on how to sell in a way that works for you using techniques that have worked for me and earned me thousands of $$ in income as a panty seller.

And of course, I will be sharing with you the all-important mindset work required to play at the top-level of this industry.

BONUS! You’ll receive the best-selling Ultimate Guide to Selling Online as part of the plan with additional bonus items from other trainings from Panty Selling School.

You’ll also receive the Pantydeal training, Scented Pansy training and the All Things Worn training so that you’re able to get set up and know how to use the three major panty selling platforms straight away


You’ll receive:

Three hours of in-depth video and audio training taking you step-by-step through your first 90 Days

90 Day Plan Workbook

7 Day Sales Challenge Workbook 

Nail Your Niche Training 

Branding Guide 

How I Made $15,000 in One Year Book 

Blog Book

Pantydeal Training

All Things Worn Training

Scented Pansy Training

Selling on Reddit, eBay, ETSY & Alternative Options Video & Audio Trainings




Who’s it for?

This is for you if you’re a beginner seller and looking for someone to walk you hand-in-hand through all the steps of becoming an earning pantypreneur in 90 days or less. Most sellers earn quickly (and you likely will too) but they don’t have the foundational stuff in place and end up learning on the fly as they go.

This is for those who really want to get it right from the outset from someone who has been there, done that and knows how to get up and running in a quick and lasting way!

So let’s do it, shall we?

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